How To Guarantee Your Interview Answers Will Get You Hired

By appearing confident and professional during an interview, job seekers can increase their chances of being hired. Asking and answering questions strategically will show employers that an applicant is poised and willing to put forth the work.

Answer With Confidence

Inexperienced applicants should role-play interview answers before their interview. Practicing and delivering polished answers will reduce the chance that an interviewee stutters, uses placeholder words such as “um” or is unable to respond logically.

Other ways to appear confident and experienced include:

• Eye contact.
• Use work-appropriate stories to illustrate strengths.
• Come prepared with all the information required on the application.

Ask The Correct Questions

Answering confidently can hint at leadership and interpersonal skills, but asking the right questions shows that an applicant is analytical, curious, invested and ready to learn. In addition to job responsibility and compensation job seekers can query potential employers about:

• Company culture.
• Positions on perks such as flextime.
• Positioning in the market.
• Plans for future expansion.
• Growth opportunities.

These types of questions help applicants understand whether they want to work for a brand. They also position potential employees as discerning.

Present A Professional Image

Successful applicants radiate a professional image. That means arriving on time for interviews; responding in a timely, polished manner, and dressing appropriately for any situation.

Applicants don’t always have to wear a business suit; experts recommend dressing one notch above what might be required on the job in most cases.

Other ways to look and sound professional during interviews include:

• Do not interact with a mobile device.
• Show up well-groomed.
• Shake everyone’s hand firmly.
• Thank the hiring managers for their time both verbally during the interview and via e-mail later.

Having a leg up on the competition will help you better prepare for that important interview. Just don’t forget to prepare and practice your responses until you can share them without sounding rehearsed.

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