Why Military Veterans Make Great Employees

Employers and companies can benefit from hiring Veterans because military personnel are often cross-trained in multiple skills and have experience in varied tasks and responsibilities. Veterans have learned over the course of their careers how to work hard, be team players and leaders.

Hiring a veteran can be profitable to businesses on many different levels because they bring many, diverse talents that can grow your company and quickly add value.

Below are four characteristics and strengths that veterans can bring to the workplace:

Skilled Employees That Work Hard

Military men and women have been trained to remain mentally focused and perform at the highest level. Veterans who have worked with computers and information technologies are accustomed to working on the latest innovations and have been responsible for keeping critical systems afloat. These skills increase a company’s prowess in today’s technology driven world.

Ready Leadership Potential

Regardless of rank, military personnel are likely to have experienced an opportunity to lead their peers. These same leadership skills are useful in civilian situations. Ready-made leaders who can make decisions and understand the importance of chain of command can help create stability and drive production in a company.

Team Players

Military personnel know what it means to be part of a team. Today’s businesses thrive on solid teamwork. Hiring an individual that works well with others improves the chance of a positive cultural environment. Veterans who have worked in civil affairs and intelligence can use prior experiences to promote meaningful dialogs with co-workers and clients. They are familiar with group dynamics and can lead discussions. When employees all pull together, the business becomes a shared entity and productivity increases.

Promotes Compliance

Strict rules are a part of military life. Government requirements have crept into the corporate world, and retired veterans are in the habit of following standard operating procedures and company policies. Veterans that have worked with legal and law enforcement divisions have an advanced knowledge of contract and economic laws that can be a benefit to growing businesses.

The business world can receive a burst of energy by hiring experienced veteran military personnel. The same skills and attributes used to defend a nation can create success in today’s competitive business environment.

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