Brain Food for Employees: How to Re-Energize from the Afternoon Slump

At some point in the mid-afternoon, the workplace seems to slow down and lose momentum. The afternoon slump is something most employees will experience, and while it’s an entirely natural phenomenon, the drop in energy can cause a loss of concentration and productivity.

Below are five different ways employees can get a good mid-afternoon boost and pick their production levels back up:

Eat Some Citrus

There’s a reason orange juice is great for breakfast: the smell of citrus boosts serotonin, the hormone that puts you in a positive, uplifted mood. Having some orange or grapefruit wedges in the middle of your day is a great way to overcome a mid-afternoon slump. Even squeezing a lemon into your glass of water will help get your serotonin levels up.

Grab A Snack

Another good way to renew energy is to break for a quick high-protein, low-sugar snack. A small snack that’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein provides a healthy boost of energy. Foods high in fat and calories can leave individuals feeling sluggish and fatigued, but a quick bite of protein-rich food can provide the fuel to keep going without causing a sugar crash. A handful of almonds and dried fruit, or some red peppers and hummus, are high energy boosting snacks.

Break Out The Mint

Peppermint is known as an energy-enhancing scent. Chewing a piece of mint gum or inhaling the scent of peppermint can help to improve concentration. It also acts as a stimulant to the brain, improving mood and reducing fatigue.

Exercise For Energy

Isometric exercise is a form of strength training that uses muscles and body weight. This form of exercise involves tensing a muscle for a period of time – say, five to 10 seconds – and then releasing. These type of exercises are perfect for employees to do at their desk, however any form of exercise will increase circulation in the body and help improve energy levels. If your workplace has a gym just 15-20 minutes of mild cardio at lunch will help overall energy levels and increase production.

Stretch At Your Desk

Sitting for an extended period at work can be detrimental to joints, muscles and the spine. Stretches can be done standing up or seated, helps get the blood flowing throughout the body, and is one of the best ways to create energy. Seated twists can help the spine remain flexible while clasping hands behind the back opens up the chest and shoulders.

Stretching at your desk, exercising at lunch and having healthy snacks are some of the best ways to increase your energy, avoid a sugar rush and help prevent the afternoon slump.

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