Five Tips for Working in the IT Field

Information Technology is one of the hottest professional industries in the market. Companies in many fields need some level of IT support to maintain computer systems and programs. IT is also a great field to enter because it pays well and is growing quickly, and the need for security, data and networking professionals isn’t likely to wane soon.

Career Path Options

The IT job market encompasses many different specific careers. It can be helpful for IT job seekers to investigate possibilities and discover which one interests them the most. Some options include:

• Software or Web Developer
• Security Analysis
• Database Administrator
• Computer Architect
• Support Specialist

Existing Degrees & Certifications

Many software developers and programmers earn bachelor’s degrees in computer science or a related field, and some are self-taught, having learned languages by creating programs, games or applications in their spare time as a reflection of their interests and passions. This type of hands-on training is appealing to employers because it demonstrates self-motivation.


Salaries in IT are favorable, as many positions require candidates to have a specialized set of skills. On the lower end, support specialists make an average of $52,160 annually, while the median salary for a software or web developer falls between $66,000 and $100,000, depending on years of experience and education.

A career in IT is an excellent choice if you’re interested in computers and creating applications for large or small companies. With the right set of skills, education, and interest, job seekers can find a position in IT that fits their long-term professional goals.

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