Why Temporary Workers Quit and what you can do about it

Earlier this year, Staffing Industry Analysts conducted a survey which showed that approximately 31% of temporary workers quit their assignments prematurely, and up to 10% of them drop the job before they even begin working. While most of the reasons were of a personal nature, the most common being the acceptance of a better job offer, there are several reasons which can be controlled by the employer, including one of the most frustrating – miscommunication.

An employer in search of a low turnover rate should pay special attention to the following causes for why temporary workers will quit their assignments early:

Pay – while wages are not one of the biggest reasons for employees quitting, they do make a difference when they are at least at market level or above. Offering a good wage, in combination with other factors, will stimulate an employee to want to continue working for your business instead of looking elsewhere.

Work environment – let’s face it, nobody likes working in a hostile or poorly managed environment. Aggressive environmental conditions, ranging from a lack of training, uncaring supervisors, workplace bullying, harassment, and other similar situations, are all contributing factors for temporary employees calling it quits long before they are due to finish their assignment.

Communication – oftentimes, temporary workers find that the job description they were given is not what the actual work entails. It is absolutely critical to have open and honest communication with your temporary workforce. Doing so will reduce your turnover rate and diminish absences, resulting in an increase of revenue and talent that will continue to want to work for you.

Safety – an unsafe work environment can be easily identified, and a worker who does not feel safe on the job is a worker that will quit the second something else comes along. Investing in safety can prevent losses when your temporary workers walk out the door, taking your training and everything they learned with them, to benefit one of your competitors.

Transportation – because of particular circumstances, a good number of temporary workers use public transportation to get to their assignments. It is important to keep this in mind, mostly because if they are forced to spend too much of their income getting to and from work they will try to find something closer to home. This factor can also increases absences thus damaging your bottom line.

The list of reasons why temporary workers quit are varied, and not all of them can be controlled by the employer. Those that can be, if addressed, should bring about a work-friendly environment that will keep your employees happy, which in turn will make them better and more efficient.

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