Why You Should Connect with That Recruiter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for job seekers. If you want to make the most of your LinkedIn experience, you need to connect with recruiters.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn, such as:


1. You Can Stay Up to Date About New Career Opportunities

Although you search LinkedIn and various job websites to identify new career opportunities, your efforts have come up short thus far. Fortunately, a professional recruiter actively pursues qualified candidates for the best roles on LinkedIn. If you connect with this recruiter on LinkedIn, you can stay up to date about new roles that align with your career goals — and reach out to him or her accordingly.

Of course, if a recruiter shares a LinkedIn update about a new role and you believe you are a good fit, send a short note to him or her. Use the note to express your interest in the role and share your resume and any other application materials. Then, the recruiter can follow up with you, and you can work with him or her to pursue a new job.


2. You Can Learn About New Jobs As Soon As They Are Posted

Once a job reaches a job board, a company may receive hundreds of applications within a matter of hours. However, if a recruiter posts a job on LinkedIn, you may be able to pounce at this opportunity before other candidates have a chance to do so. By connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn, you’re well-equipped to learn about new roles as soon as they become available — and capitalize on these opportunities to accelerate your career growth.

If a recruiter shares an update about a job on LinkedIn and you want to apply for it, don’t wait to reach out to him or her. Remember, the longer you wait to engage with the recruiter, the more likely it becomes that another candidate may fill the role. On the other hand, with a proactive approach, you can contact a recruiter and engage with him or her any time a role becomes available where you may be a good fit.


3. You Can Build Your Professional Network

The job market is fierce, and a large professional network can do wonders for job seekers. Once you connect with a professional recruiter on LinkedIn, you can further enhance your professional network. Plus, you can put yourself in a position to land your dream job in the near future.

To succeed in today’s job market, you need to make every LinkedIn connection count. So, if you connect with a recruiter, you can learn about new jobs, keep track of job market news, receive job search tips and recommendations, and more. Perhaps best of all, you can partner with a recruiter to grow your career and help him, or her connect you with top businesses.


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