Returning to Work? How to Explain an Employment Gap

There is no need to let an employment gap deter you from landing your dream job. With the right approach, you can provide a reasonable explanation for your gap in employment to a prospective employer.

Tips to Explain an Employment Gap


1. Be Concise

Resist the urge to overshare if a potential employer asks you about your job gap. Instead, provide a brief explanation of why you took time off from work. Whether it’s a voluntary or involuntary employment gap, be honest about it. This helps you show a prospective employer you accept your job gap for what it is and are ready to move forward.

2. Provide an Explanation

Consider how you’ll answer questions about an employment gap before you interview with a prospective employer. Explain the reasoning behind your time away from the workforce. This can help a potential employer see who you are and what you’re all about. It can also help you stand out to a prospective employer for all the right reasons.

3. Share Your New Skills

Take advantage of any opportunity to highlight any new skills you developed or enhanced during your time off from work. For instance, if you perform volunteer work during this period, discuss how this work helped you bolster your skillset. You should show a potential employer how you can apply any new skills you learned to the job you want, too. This allows you to show you capitalized on an opportunity to grow. As such, you may be able to show a potential employer you are willing to do what it takes to thrive in any role, at any time.

4. Discuss How You Plan to Move Forward

Avoid focusing too much on the past. Conversely, explain why now is the ideal time to return to the workforce. Describe how you’ve learned from your time away from the workforce and how you plan to use what you know to advance your career. If a potential employer sees you’re fully committed to re-entering the workforce, you may earn a great opportunity to do just that.

5. Remain Confident

Don’t downplay what you did during your employment gap. Explain how you used your time off and what you expect to do going forward. If a prospective employer feels confident in your ability to perform a job, you will have a chance to show what you can do, regardless of your gap in employment.


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An employment gap is nothing to hide. Those who own their gap in employment can learn from and move past it. Also, these individuals can focus on what’s most important: finding their dream job as quickly as possible.

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