Can I Return to a Job After I Quit?

You have been a part of the “Great Resignation.” As such, you left your job and are seeking new opportunities elsewhere. But thus far, your job search has failed to deliver your desired results. And at this point, you may want to return to a job you previously enjoyed.

If you believe your decision to leave your prior role was a mistake, you can pursue the position once again. However, you need to plan ahead. That way, you can put yourself in an excellent position to rejoin your most recent employer.

Tips to Return to a Job After You Quit

Here are three things you can do to return to a job after you resign.

1. Reach Out to Your Previous Employer

Get in touch with your past employer to find out where you stand. You can send an email or make a phone call to contact your last company’s human resources department. From here, you can find out if your prior role has been filled. Or, you can learn if other opportunities are available across the business.

Furthermore, you can contact prior coworkers and superiors. Then, you can learn how they feel about your potential return to your previous role. Also, if no positions are currently open, these individuals can keep you up to date about any vacancies that become available down the line.

2. Make Your Case

Explain why you want to rejoin the company you left. Generally, it helps to show remorse without appearing arrogant. At the same time, you need to do everything in your power to look like you are “begging” to get your last job back.

Be honest and upfront when you meet with your past employer. Offer insights into what you have been doing since you left and what you have learned along the way. In addition, discuss how you can contribute to the company’s success. Next, you can let the company decide if it is willing to give you a second chance.

3. Request a Fresh Start

Ask your prior employer to treat you like he or she would a new job candidate. This allows you and the employer to lay the groundwork for a new relationship.

If you left your last job on good terms, your employer might be willing to accept your return. Yet, there are no guarantees. Do your part to explain how you can provide outstanding contributions to a business like you did in the past. And if an employer moves forward with another candidate to fill your previous role, accept the result and learn from the experience.

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