Why Inclusive Job Descriptions Are Key

Your company dedicates time, energy and resources to creating an inclusive work environment, but, it may be missing the mark as it tries to showcase its commitment to inclusion and diversity to job seekers. Yet, if you create inclusive job descriptions, you are well-equipped to highlight what your company is all about to top talent. Plus, these descriptions can give you a leg up on industry rivals in search of quality job candidates.

What Are Inclusive Job Descriptions (and Why Are They Important)?

An inclusive job description illustrates your company’s devotion to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. The description helps you attract a broad range of talent. At the same time, the description shows your company’s commitment to inclusion.

Top job candidates are increasingly prioritizing inclusion as they seek out exceptional career opportunities. If you share inclusive job descriptions, you can set the stage for a positive relationship with amazing candidates from around the world. In the long run, these descriptions can distinguish your company from its rivals, too.

1. Define Your Requirements

Resist the urge to include a list of requirements from a “dream” job candidate. Instead, include must-have job requirements. This ensures a candidate knows what to expect out of the role. It can help this individual determine if he or she is a good fit for the position as well.

There is no need to use jargon in your job descriptions, either. Stick to relevant and accurate information about the job and what you want from someone who works in this position. Then, you can receive applications from candidates who meet your criteria. Also, you can speed up the process of finding a candidate who supports your company’s inclusive and diverse work culture.

2. Avoid Gender-Coded Language

Ensure your job descriptions are free of gender-biased terms and phrases. For instance, words like “strong” and “driven” are often considered masculine-coded terms. Meanwhile, words like “responsible” and “committed” are sometimes classified as feminine-coded terms. Evaluate the terms and phrases included in your job descriptions carefully. Next, you can replace any gender-coded terms and phrases with gender-neutral alternatives.

When in doubt, keep the language in your job descriptions simple and straightforward. For example, use “sales representative” in lieu of “sales ninja” to describe a sales role with your company. The term “representative” is less flashy than “ninja,” but it gives a candidate a clear understanding of the job you want to fill.

3. Highlight Inclusive Job Benefits

Provide details about any inclusive job benefits your company offers. These can include paid family sick time and health insurance.

Offering inclusive benefits shows your company wants employees to feel and perform great both at work and outside of it. Share information about these benefits in your job descriptions, and your company can further differentiate itself from its rivals.


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