Why Now’s the Right Time for a Career Check-In

Your career has been a success to date. However, there is still room for improvement. If you want to take the next step forward, now may be a great time for a career check-in.

What Is a Career Check-In?

A check-in is an opportunity to review your job accomplishments thus far. The check-in requires you to look at what you have liked and disliked about past jobs. It also lets you determine what you want to accomplish in your career.

Why Should You Conduct a Career Check-In?


1. You Can See What Career Goals You’ve Accomplished (and What Ones You Haven’t).

Thanks to a check-in, you can determine if you’re on the right path. The check-in allows you to see what career goals you have achieved. It enables you to assess your progress as you try to achieve myriad career aspirations as well.

If you find you have achieved most of your career goals, it may be a good idea to establish new ones. Comparatively, if you have lost track of your career aspirations, your check-in can help you narrow your focus. From here, you can determine the best course of action to accomplish your career goals and prepare accordingly.

2. You Can Evaluate Your Skill Set.

With a check-in, you can assess your skillset. Next, you can see if you have the hard and soft skills necessary to grow your career.

In addition, you can use your career check-in to determine what training or degree programs to join. The check-in provides a glimpse into your strengths and weaknesses. As such, it can help you find out what training or degree programs to use to advance your skillset.

3. You Can Figure Out If You Are Happy with Your Career.

A career check-in provides insights into your professional growth. It can help you see if you have consistently taken steps to grow your career or plateaued. If the latter proves to be true, you can take action to find a career that makes you happy.

Remember, no one should be dissatisfied with their career. If you conduct a check-in and find your career has fallen short of your expectations, try not to worry. Instead, embrace the opportunity to change your career path. You can then work toward building a rewarding career.


Don’t Wait to Perform a Career Check-In

You can learn a lot from a career check-in. Perform the check-in at any time. And conduct check-ins at regular intervals moving forward. This ensures you can maintain a career path that suits you perfectly.

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