Best Staffing and Recruiting Podcasts

Need something new to listen to at work? As a hiring professional, it’s imperative to stay educated about the latest trends and developments in the staffing and recruitment world. Fortunately, there are many entertaining and informational staffing podcasts that can help you enhance your industry knowledge and abilities. Here are some of the best staffing and recruiting podcasts to check out:

The Staffing Show

Featuring interviews from the staffing industry’s top executives, The Staffing Show is a great podcast for any hiring professional looking to brush up on their skills and become inspired by the best hiring practices in the industry. This podcast covers an array of diverse staffing and recruitment topics, including employee selection methods, recruitment technologies, and social media recruitment strategies. Whether you’re new to hiring or simply want to pick up a few tips, The Staffing Show is a great place to start!

Secrets of Staffing Success

Want the secret to successful staffing? Secrets to Staffing Success has them! Hosted by the award-winning team at Haley Marketing Group, this podcast covers the gambit of recruiting marketing topics and strategies – from how to find the best talent to streamline your application process. Offering timely and current insights, Secrets to Staffing Success will quickly become your go-to for the latest staffing developments from the most notable thought leaders in the industry.

The Talent Cast

With a focus on employer branding and recruitment marketing, The Talent Cast is a great resource for hiring professionals who want to improve their employer branding and marketing efforts. As employers must increasingly focus on promoting their company as a brand, this podcast offers many useful tips and insights on how to better attract candidates through various marketing tactics and strategies. Overall, you’ll gain a better understanding of the best recruiting practices while staying on the cutting edge of the hiring landscape.

By applying the tips and tricks shared in these top industry podcasts, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your staffing and recruitment goals!


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