Coping with Slackers and Big Egos in the Workplace

Dealing with troublesome employees can be a delicate situation, one that sets a precedence for how toxicity in the workplace is dealt with. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a candidate does not meet expectations from an attitude standpoint. From slackers to stubborn employees with big egos, there are many types of workers who can have a detrimental effect on your organizational culture and bottom line. As an employer, here are some of the most effective practices for coping with these types of employees in the workplace:

Involve leadership in employee communications.

When it comes to employees with strong personalities, sometimes it is necessary to involve your leadership team in reinforcing policies and protocols. Often employees may respond better to upper-level leaders who can speak authoritatively about company guidelines and how employees are expected to behave. In the event you have employees who are not meeting organizational standards, incorporating leadership in company communications can be instrumental in shifting staff attitudes and creating a culture of respect and inclusion.

Proactively provide feedback.

You cannot expect employees to change if you do not proactively provide honest and supportive feedback about their performance or behavior. Regular performance reviews and meetings to check in allows you to provide constructive criticism and explain to employees the specific ways in which they can improve. You can also offer additional resources or support as necessary. For example, if an employee is slacking off at work due to mental health issues, be sure to inform them about any counseling services available as part of their benefits package or simply remind them to take time off to recharge.

Offer opportunities to contribute.

Sometimes employees who are slacking in their roles or not working well with their team, may be craving opportunities to use their talents and skills in a more meaningful way. Offering opportunities in which your employees can take more initiative, such as spearheading a project or leading a team, can engage and motivate them in a rewarding way. You might be surprised to see how much your employees transform when given the right support and encouragement!

While it is not always easy to manage underperforming or difficult employees in the workplace, implementing the practices above can reverse poor behavior and cultivate a more positive work environment.


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