How to Cope with Layoff Survivor Guilt

With many industries expected to undergo layoffs due to a pending recession, with several already having completed them or currently doing so, many individuals are bracing themselves to lose their jobs and seek their next opportunities. While layoffs are often difficult for individuals who lose their jobs, they can also be hard for those who remain employed. If you’re one of the surviving employees at your company, there are ways in which you can combat feelings of guilt and angst about the circumstances. In this blog, we break down tips to cope with layoff survivor guilt:

Offer support.

There are many ways to offer support to a coworker who’s recently been laid off from their job. First and foremost, offering emotional support can lift their spirits and let them know you’re thinking about them. Taking your coworker out to lunch or simply treating them to a coffee can spark conversation regarding their circumstance to help them feel heard or even be a kind gesture to bring a bit of happiness to an unfortunate situation. You can also show support by offering to be a professional reference for your coworker as they embark on their job search and seek new employment.

Pass along opportunities.

If your coworker has actively begun looking for new work, you can keep your eyes open for opportunities that may be a fit for their qualifications and skills. As you come across job openings online or through contacts in your network, consider passing along jobs that may align with your coworker’s professional goals and interests. As they get back on the market, they will appreciate others in their network, keeping them in mind and thinking of them as they navigate the job search.

Set boundaries.

In the midst of layoffs, it’s common for managers to shift new tasks and assignments to remaining employees. It’s important to prioritize your current job responsibilities and list what you can feasibly handle without becoming overwhelmed or burned out. If your manager approaches you with additional work, be clear about what you feel comfortable taking on and make sure that you both have shared expectations for your role moving forward.

When layoffs occur within your organization, it’s always better to see the silver lining and be as positive as you can to those affected by company changes.

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