Three Hacks for Capturing Top Talent in a Competitive Market

If you’ve been trying to hire new talent over the past couple of years, you probably know firsthand how difficult it’s been! From the “Great Resignation” to “The War on Talent,” there have been numerous roadblocks that have made finding top talent a major challenge for employers in all industries. As you assess your talent development needs this year, check out these three hacks for winning over top talent in a competitive market:

Refine your marketing strategy.

Your company’s marketing efforts can heavily impact how well you attract your ideal candidate. By refining your marketing strategy, you can build an employer brand that consistently appeals to the types of employees you wish to recruit. For example, enhancing your company’s website with employee video testimonials or promoting unique elements of your corporate culture on social media will generate attention from jobseekers looking for your type of work environment. Through these marketing initiatives, you can stimulate positive engagement from potential candidates, ultimately leading to increased interest in your job openings.

Focus on the “candidate experience.”

With many employers heavily focused on the “employee experience,” they often dismiss the importance of the candidate experience throughout hiring and recruitment. Prioritizing the candidate experience requires an assessment of how you’re currently engaging candidates in your pipeline, from the initial point of application to making a formal job offer. The core components of a positive candidate experience involve fluid and effective communication with candidates, efficient interviewing and onboarding, and transparency throughout all stages of hiring.

Adjust your recruitment and hiring process.

In many cases, your hiring process can make or break the level of talent you bring on board to your organization. Investing in hiring procedures that allow you to fully evaluate and screen potential candidates is key for securing top talent. There are many ways to improve your recruitment and hiring outcomes, such as implementing an employee referral program, investing in advanced applicant tracking software, and utilizing a specialized staffing agency. Through these initiatives, you can establish a more comprehensive and streamlined hiring process that engages the best quality talent for your company.


While capturing top talent requires a sustained investment of time and money, following these practices will pay off in the long run!

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