Three Tips to Get Your Hard Work Noticed

Does it feel like you’re constantly putting your best foot forward at work, but getting little to no recognition for your efforts? While failing to be acknowledged can be frustrating, there are steps you can take to showcase your performance and elevate your professional reputation. Here are three tips for how to get your hard work noticed:

Focus on your impact.

When discussing your performance, it’s important not just to share the tasks or projects completed, but to focus on the impact you’ve made in the workplace. For example, consider the individuals whom you have positively affected, or the sales or revenue that was gained by your work. By narrowing in on the end results – rather than on just the hours or time clocked – you’ll better demonstrate the value you bring to your employer.

Practice being goal-oriented.

While it can be easy to simply go through the motions at work, you’ll achieve far more success and recognition by applying a goal-driven mindset to your job. Connecting your work to the goals of your employer, as well as your own professional goals, will allow for more meaningful outcomes in every aspect of your career. When you work diligently to help your employer reach organizational goals, you’ll be directly contributing to the long-term success of the company which will earn you more respect from your manager!

Proactively discuss your performance.

Sometimes the only way to earn the recognition and salary you deserve is by proactively discussing your performance with your boss or manager. Often being pulled in many different directions, high-level executives or company leaders may not take the time to notice your accomplishments or praise you for your work. It’s important to update your boss about the types of projects and assignments you’re doing, well as the “wins” you’ve achieved and how you’ve made a difference within your work environment.

By implementing these practices, you’ll not only get your hard work noticed, but set yourself up for greater professional success with your employer in the future!

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