Three of the Biggest Myths TV Told Us about Healthcare Professionals

Are you considering a career in healthcare? Unfortunately, there are many expectations set by TV doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that are far from the reality faced by many medical professionals. Though television programs can inspire many to pursue healthcare careers, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the untold realities of the industry before embarking on this professional path. Here are three of the biggest myths TV has told us about the healthcare profession – and the realities that counteract these myths:

Doctors provide all the care.

In TV shows, it’s common to see only doctors treating patients in a variety of capacities. However, there are many other healthcare professionals – including nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants, among others – that are most involved in providing care for patients on a regular basis. From administering medications to performing various tests and procedures, these professionals fulfill a variety of critical roles within healthcare facilities, as the time and attention doctors spend with each patient is limited.

Healthcare careers are glamorous. 

While many television dramas portray healthcare careers as glamorous, the constant demands of medical jobs make this a major misconception. It’s important to understand that healthcare careers are often very stressful and fast-paced, and many times extremely challenging – both mentally and physically. As a healthcare professional, it’s critical to manage your own health and take steps to reduce burnout by setting boundaries and prioritizing your work-life balance.

There are “hard and fast” rules.

Though formal education and training for healthcare careers allow you to learn about best practices and guidelines for treating patients, there are many situations in which professionals must change course due to unprecedented circumstances. When caring for patients with varying medical issues and conditions, you may have to make decisions on the job that goes against traditional guidelines for the best interest of your patient. Being open-minded and adaptable is key for long-term success in the healthcare field.

By understanding and accepting the nuances of working in the healthcare industry, you can set realistic expectations and forge a rewarding and fulfilling career.

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