Three Ways to Build Your Phone Confidence

With email, texting, and social media arguably being the most predominant communication tools of today, it’s easy to forget about phone communications. However, in the workplace, phone communication skills and etiquette are still essential for most professionals, especially those in customer service and administrative roles. Focusing on ways to improve your confidence while engaging with customers or clients on the phone can be very impactful for your professional development. Here are three ways to build your phone confidence:

Prepare notes before a call.

While preparing notes may seem tedious, it can do wonders to alleviate your nerves as you gear up for a call, helping you gather your thoughts and write down some key talking points. This serves a couple of purposes to ensure your phone discussion goes smoothly. First, your notes will keep you focused on the reason for your call, so you don’t forget to discuss any important matters. Second, it will serve as a reference that you can use if you get nervous or anxious during your conversation.

Focus on your speaking cadence.

The speed (or cadence) in which you speak is just as critical as what you’re saying. Speaking too quickly can cause you to stumble on your words and appear incompetent as a professional. Making an effort to speak slower will result in a steadier cadence, so the person on the other end can understand what you’re saying. Additionally, speaking slower will result in less filler words, such as “um” or “like,” resulting in more effective and professional communication. The bottom line? Slow and steady always wins the race!

Create a sense of connection.

Establishing some degree of connection over the phone can foster a more productive and meaningful call. Using a friendly and approachable tone (it’s been said that smiling when you speak can shift the expression of your voice) and paying attention to the emotions you’re conveying over the phone can personalize the conversation and draw more interest from the person on the receiving end. Your ability to connect with others over the phone is the most paramount interpersonal skill for boosting your confidence.

By following these practices, you can gradually build your phone confidence – which will ultimately have a positive impact on your workplace performance at large.

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