Effective Ways to Encourage the Best Work from Your Employees

With employees at companies in all industries quitting at alarming rates across the U.S., employers must be increasingly proactive in retaining top talent. According to a recent Gallup report, only 34 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace, indicating a major need for companies to invest in better retention efforts. From management protocols to communication practices, here are some ways in which employers can produce high-achieving and loyal employees:

Schedule one-on-one meetings with employees.

While team meetings are helpful, they do not give employees an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in a private manner. One-on-one meetings provide an outlet for employees to meet with their respective managers to discuss their current performance, ask questions, and voice their concerns. With the feedback generated, managers can implement changes that improve employees’ job satisfaction and create a more positive workplace for everyone.

Establish clear paths for advancement.

Employees perform their best when they’re motivated and driven to succeed. As an employer, it’s important to establish and communicate clear paths of advancement so employees understand specifically how they can grow within your company. This involves training managers on how to set goals with their subordinates so employees have a blueprint for how they can excel within their roles and achieve higher paying positions. This also requires providing employees with the tools and training platforms to expand their skillset so they can rise to new positions internally.

Focus on upskilling.

The most driven and ambitious employees seek opportunities from their employers to continuously learn and acquire new skills. Employers that focus on upskilling – or training staff to take on new roles and responsibilities internally – can help their people leverage their strengths and gain the expertise to transition into different roles within their organization. This naturally gives employees more confidence to apply their expertise to different roles and take advantage of new opportunities that can propel their career growth.

By putting these practices into action, you can foster a culture that breeds high-performing talent while retaining the most motivated employees in the workforce.

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