Purpose vs. Practicality: Making Big Career Decisions

Looking to make a career shift that gives you greater job satisfaction? When it comes to careers, balancing purpose with practicality can be a common challenge. As you embark on your job search, it’s important to find employment opportunities that match your interests while providing meaningful opportunities. Before you make your next major career move, here are some key factors to keep in mind so you make the best decision:

Pay expectations.

While there are many critical components involved in any career choice, pay is certainly top of mind for most people. As you make new job decisions and embark on different professional endeavors, it’s essential to consider your desired salary or hourly pay. First, it’s important to be realistic about what pay is commensurate with your qualifications, experience, and background. With this information, you can then establish what salary range would match your living needs and overall pay expectations. By going through this process, you can determine salary requirements that are fair and suitable for your financial situation.

Work-life balance.

While pay is a practical consideration for any job, it’s equally important to consider work-life balance. As you make career decisions, sometimes work-life balance can become negatively affected. Making choices that afford you a positive work-life balance will improve your quality of life and ultimately result in more fulfilling work. For example, if your passion is to travel more with family, you may opt for a career path that allows you to work on a seasonal or temporary basis. By putting your personal circumstances at the forefront, you can make choices that help you live life on your terms!

Professional growth.

Considering your long-term career goals is essential for any big career decision. Because every employer has different advancement opportunities (or lack thereof), you must think about how a certain job move is going to impact your professional future. While there may be some jobs that are incredibly fulfilling for you personally, they may not offer enough growth opportunities and earning potential in the years to come.

Remember, not every job is created equal. Taking time to reflect on what you want most out of your career will allow you to make the best decision!

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