How to Build and Maintain a Strong Team in a High Turnover Warehouse Environment

With warehouse environments being fast-paced and sometimes stressful, it’s essential that employers build strong teams of employees to ensure optimal productivity and staff retention. Unfortunately, high turnover is very prevalent in warehouse environments, with the warehouse industry having a 37 percent turnover rate (much higher than the average rate of 3.6 percent)! Making employee engagement a top priority is key for warehouses that require dedicated staff to maintain operations and fulfill orders, even during the busiest times. If you manage warehouse staff, here are some tips for how to retain a strong team of employees:

Celebrate employee milestones.

Employees appreciate when they’re recognized for their time and loyalty with an employer. Celebrating milestones, such as work anniversaries or promotions, shows employees they are valued members of your team and elevates morale within your organization. You can honor milestones with internal announcements, gift cards, company events, and paid days off. This practice builds a culture in which employees know their contributions are being recognized and that their skills and talents are making a positive impact on their organization.

Implement a mentorship program.

Employees who are most engaged in their jobs and workplace are those who are given the tools and guidance to succeed. By implementing a mentorship program, you can ensure younger or less experienced employees are trained by more seasoned professionals. Pairing employees with mentors enables them to develop their skills, make meaningful connections in the workplace, and evolve in their roles. Through mentorship, employees will also gain more confidence in their abilities and feel empowered to advance within your organization.

Give regular reviews and raises.

Avoiding performance reviews is a surefire way to lose your best employees! Hardworking employees value the opportunity to receive reviews and be considered for raises. Taking time to evaluate staff performance and provide greater compensation to individuals who have proven themselves in a significant capacity will ultimately keep your best workers engaged and motivated. Consider scheduling reviews on a quarterly basis to provide employees with feedback and offer them insight on how they can earn a raise or promotion.

By incorporating these practices within your warehouse, you can give employees the critical support and resources they need to feel engaged within your organization for long-term employment.

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