Ways to Support Your Healthcare Employees This Holiday Season

With the end of the year approaching, you may notice reduced productivity or lower morale within your organization due to holiday-related stress. It’s not uncommon for many healthcare professionals to feel overwhelmed during the holidays as they struggle to balance their jobs with their personal lives. If you manage a healthcare team, check out these ways to support your employees this holiday season:

Offer scheduling flexibility if possible.

Many employees appreciate scheduling flexibility over the holidays when it’s usually harder to maintain a healthy work-life balance. From demanding work schedules to family gatherings and social events, flexibility gives your employees the option to choose the shifts that fit best with their personal schedules. This type of flexibility can help your medical team maintain their productivity while better managing their work and outside commitments.

Create a festive environment.

Taking steps to make your organization festive can be a great way to bring joy to employees, especially for those working on the actual holidays! From social gatherings for staff members to distributing cards and gifts, there are many ways to make your employees feel valued while celebrating the holiday season. Creating a festive work environment helps to alleviate stress in the workplace during this busy time while bringing your team together in the holiday spirit.

Recognize signs of burnout.

With all the busyness and stress of the holiday season, it’s common for employees to feel physically and mentally drained. It’s important to recognize signs of burnout in employees – such as running late, poor performance, and low job satisfaction – before they potentially quit or start looking for employment elsewhere. Offering internal resources (either in the form of onsite counseling services or a wellness program) can provide employees with an outlet to share their concerns and receive the support they need during this time.

With these practices, you can support the health and well-being of your healthcare employees during the holidays while fostering a positive and uplifting environment for everybody.

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