Is Poor Management Driving Away Top Talent?

Are you losing top-performing employees left and right? Have you suspected that poor management is to blame for low retention? According to LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report, 93 percent of employers continue to view employee retention as a major pain point. Poor management can come in many forms, and being proactive about reversing negative retention levels can directly improve your recruitment efforts and company culture. If talent retention has been a major issue at your company, here are some tips for how to improve management:

Create a “culture of learning.”

 Most employers understand the importance of professional development, but few implement practices that enable their employees to continually grow. Creating a “culture of learning” involves investing in professional growth opportunities that allow your employees to acquire new knowledge and skills on a regular basis. This could include anything from onsite educational seminars to peer mentorship programs. When employees feel empowered to learn, they will feel more motivated to perform their best and take on more responsibilities. 

Avoid micromanagement.

Nobody enjoys being micromanaged, especially when it comes to their jobs. It’s important to train managers about how to supervise their staff without being overbearing or overly critical. You can reduce or eliminate micromanagement by making sure all employees know what’s expected of them in their roles, as well as fostering an atmosphere of mentorship in which employees can learn directly from more seasoned workers. This creates a workplace in which every person can contribute their skills in a way that allows them to continually learn and grow professionally at your company. 

Promote a team-oriented environment.

When employees feel isolated or misunderstood, they will be more inclined to seek work elsewhere. A workplace that prioritizes team building can provide employees with the support they need to thrive and reach their greatest potential. You can create a team-oriented environment by building trust between managers and their departments, as well as encouraging collaboration among employees for different projects and initiatives. Finding opportunities to bring employees together will allow them to forge stronger connections and ultimately reach shared goals more efficiently. 

With these strategies, you can dramatically elevate employee engagement and create a foundation for your workers to have long-term success at your organization. 

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