Trends Impacting the Staffing Industry in 2024

Are you launching your workforce strategy for the year ahead? If you’re involved with hiring for your organization, it’s important to understand some of the key trends affecting the industry. From the integration of new technologies to ever-evolving expectations of the workforce, it’s imperative to equip yourself with the knowledge to achieve optimal staffing success in 2024. Here are some of the most notable staffing trends expected for 2024:

Greater demand for temporary employment.

According to recent gig economy statistics reported by UpWork, gig employment remains front and center as many younger generations of workers are opting for temporary or temp-to-hire jobs. Recruiters must be prepared to “sell” employers on the benefits of temp workers, as well as place candidates in positions that afford them the pay and flexibility they desire. Employers that embrace temp staffing will be best at navigating future staffing challenges while maintaining bottom-line operations.

Use of AI for screening applicants.

AI (artificial intelligence) has many functions in the hiring and recruitment world, and the use of AI is only expected to increase in the years ahead. AI can play a major role in the screening of candidates, allowing for faster, more in-depth review of applicants and the elimination of tedious screening procedures. Because of the vast amount of information generated by AI, hiring managers and recruiters can use its outputs to determine which candidates should be pursued for interviews. This can greatly transform the way in which talent is vetted and sourced throughout the entire hiring process.

Emphasis on candidates’ skills.

It’s projected that employers will be increasingly focused on hiring for long-term growth, seeking candidates with the foundational skills and abilities to excel. Rather than promoting specific education requirements, many companies will utilize temp-to-hire models to assess candidates’ performance on the job and make sure they’re the right fit for their work environment. Prioritizing candidates with highly valuable skills (such as language proficiency or AI experience) can often be very beneficial to a company’s upskilling and workforce development efforts.

As the trends above continue to emerge, business owners and hiring professionals who adapt to the latest developments will be most effective at improving hiring outcomes in 2024 and beyond!

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