Interview Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Candidates in 2024

Are you in the process of refining your hiring practices in 2024? Your interview process can heavily determine the quality of your healthcare team, as well as patient satisfaction and retention. As you review your current interview procedures, you may need to re-evaluate the questions you ask candidates. Here are some interview questions to consider asking your healthcare candidates in 2024:

Have you adapted to new medical technologies?

With new technologies at the forefront of many healthcare organizations, it’s become essential that providers understand how to use new platforms as they relate to office administration and patient care needs. From telehealth services to advanced electronic medical record (EMR) systems, there are a multitude of new technologies being used by employers to streamline their practices and facilitate better patient care. Asking candidates about their abilities and experience with medical technology will give you a sense of their competence, as well as their willingness to learn and adapt to your organization’s current systems.

What are some ways in which you provide patient-centered care?

If your patients are your organization’s top priority (which they should be!), it’s critical to evaluate candidates for their commitment to patient-centered care. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), patient-centered care is defined as “providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs, and values.” You can assess candidates’ commitment to patient-centered care by asking about their communication style and approach to providing collaborative and coordinated care with other members of a patient’s healthcare team. Overall, assessing candidates’ emotional intelligence levels will allow you to gauge their ability to connect with patients in a meaningful way that allows for the best outcomes.

How do you staff informed about current healthcare developments?

With healthcare being an ever-changing field, the best providers are those who continuously stay informed about the latest developments impacting the industry. Candidates’ professional development activities can be a major indicator of their ability to stay on top of industry trends. You may ask candidates about their continuing education, as well as any licensures or certifications they’ve earned throughout their careers. Candidates who proactively invest in their education tend to work hardest at driving their practices forward in the most positive and innovative ways.

By incorporating these questions in your candidate interviews, you’ll be able to better screen candidates and improve your hiring outcomes for your healthcare facility!

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