Closing the Skills Gap Within Your Healthcare Organization

Is your healthcare facility facing a major skills gap? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been reported that many employers have used employee reskilling as a short-term survival strategy to fuel company growth. And, as labor shortages increasingly affect hiring and retention in healthcare, it’s become paramount that organizations continue putting workforce development efforts at the forefront of their leadership goals. As an employer, here are some of the most impactful ways to start closing the skills gap:

Upskill current employees.

Often, focusing on the advancement of current employees is the best way to invest in the long-term success of your workforce. Upskilling – or teaching additional skills – allows your existing team to fulfill growing workplace demands while acquiring their own new abilities. Not only does upskilling help to fill staffing gaps and maintain productivity but it also gives employees opportunities to accelerate to higher positions at your organization more quickly and effectively. By finding ways to upskill staff, you’ll inherently groom your talent for the future needs of your facility.

Promote a culture of learning.

A core part of culture-building should include a commitment to continued learning within your organization. Offering employees the education and tools to enhance their professional qualifications can be a powerful way to build a multifaceted and nimble team that’s capable of withstanding even the most severe staffing shortages. You can promote a “culture of learning” by providing a variety of training and development programs, as well as peer-to-peer mentorship.

Consider outsourced staffing.

If your facility is heavily struggling to maintain adequate staffing levels, outsourcing services to a professional staffing agency can prove to be one of the viable solutions. Partnering with a firm to assist with staffing can ensure hiring needs are met in a timely manner so your team is supported in their roles and patient care is not compromised. Saving your HR team both time and money, a staffing partner will vet candidates on your behalf to find the most qualified employees for your needs.

By implementing the above practices, you’ll gradually create a sustainable workforce development strategy that keeps your organization moving in the right direction.

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