What Are Orange County Employers Looking For In Job Candidates?

Job seekers ready to enter the market in and around Orange County must brush up on interview skills and bring resumes up to date. Success with both requires knowing what employers in the Orange County Area are looking for in job candidates. Here are two things that will set you apart from the job application crowd:

Social skills, both online and off

Effective human interaction is almost impossible to automate, so employees who can soothe upset customers, create energetic and positive team environments and help others solve problems in healthy, productive ways will always be of value. The more technology takes over work functions, the less people develop their social skills, making those with strong interpersonal capabilities even more sought after.

Specific industry skills or training

Middle-skill jobs, such as those found in technical manufacturing, clerical, warehouse and hospitality environments, are in high demand in Orange County and throughout the nation. As the older workforce ages out of traditional jobs, employers struggle to replace those well-trained staff members because their skills are specific to the industry. The medical industry accounts for a large percent of open positions in Orange County at any time, making healthcare experience equally relevant.

Trends in hiring come and go, but certain skills and traits remain valuable to employers through the years. Social skills, special training and experience with data security are three things Orange County employers will need for years.

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