The Secret To Motivating Employees: What Every CEO Should Know

Many executives wonder how to get workers to apply themselves to difficult tasks when monetary intensives do not seem to be doing the trick. The fact is that companies can’t limit themselves to monetary motivation alone because people can have a variety of reasons for working and differing opinions on what makes for a happy workplace. Today’s CEO’s need to approach motivation from multiple perspectives.

Money Is Not The Only Motivational Factor

Employees want to be equally compensated for the work they do, and the potential for a pay raise or bonus may motivate many team members. But in assuming pay to be the key factor driving greater effort, employers may be ignoring other important factors. In fact, many employees feel that additional pay doesn’t make up for a problematic corporate culture or poor communication between management and workers. Efforts to properly motivate employees should extend past understanding that people need to work to get to the reasons they want to work.

The Right Type Of Affirmation

The things that motivate most employees don’t come with a price tag. Many workers cite as reasons to work the satisfaction found in contributing to a company’s success, the need to help solve important societal problems, and the feeling of being valued for their contributions. Executives and supervisors who take the time to understand these motivations and to genuinely affirm employees often will find their staff working harder and being more willing to take on new responsibilities.

Flexibility And Compassion

For Millennials especially, flexibility is a huge motivator; many younger applicants will take a job with a smaller paycheck if it comes with a flexible schedule or work-at-home opportunities. Staffers of all generations also appreciate a company that supports them with a compassionate approach when life issues arise.

Leaders who can develop flexible policies that provide opportunities for team members without jeopardizing business success usually find that staff is more motivated. But it’s of key importance to implement such policies in a way that is comprehensive and fair; providing flexibility to some employees and not others is a sure way to reduce motivation.

Businesses that understand how to motivate employees can reap a multitude of benefits. Happy, motivated employees tend to produce more, solve problems faster and work well alongside others.

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