How To Land A Job With A Degree But No Work Experience

Landing a job without the right work experience can be difficult, even for applicants with a relevant degree. Orange County employers
often want to see proof that job seekers can handle themselves in a professional environment. While success in an academic environment is impressive, graduates without real-world job experience might need to get creative in proving their overall worth to hiring companies.

Leverage Your Experience

When reviewing work history, employers often want to understand whether job seekers can work in team environments, communicate well and be consistently relied upon. Applicants without an employment history can leverage other experience to highlight leadership and communication skills, reliability and creative thinking. Consider how your past and current volunteer work, participation in college clubs and activities and social involvements can be turned into resume-worthy tidbits.

Get Creative

Most employers today conduct some level of background check, even for entry-level positions. Job seekers who are prepared to list references on applications stand a better chance at making it through the interview process, but without a work history, professional references can be difficult to come by. Think about any situation where you were responsible for output, decision-making or other people. Job seekers that volunteered with any organization might list that agency’s volunteer coordinator as a reference.

Look For Unique Paths

One of the best ways to get an employer’s attention and ensure hiring managers know what your strengths are is to work alongside them. Join industry-specific organizations and attend sponsored events, seminars, and fundraisers. Take any opportunity to volunteer or take charge of an event so you can show off your skills to potential employers.

While experience is important, job seekers with a degree and no relevant work history can still land a position. Applicants need to be willing to stick with the search, step outside of the box and put in extra time to prove their worth.

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